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Guardian Flight was founded in 1997 by Frontier Flying Service, and grew rapidly over the following three years. In 2000, Guardian Flight separated and emerged as a stand-alone, privately owned, critical care air ambulance service with its main base in Fairbanks, covering the interior of Alaska. In 2004, Guardian Flight established a base in Sitka and in 2005, added an additional base in Ketchikan to better serve Southeast Alaskan communities.
In 2006 and 2007, Guardian Flight expanded to include bases in Anchorage and Dutch Harbor, to provide critical care air transport service to the South Central region, and the Aleutian Chain.
The Kotzebue base was added in 2009, in order to provide much needed care to Maniilaq Hospital and the surrounding villages.
In May of 2011, Guardian Flight opened a base in Juneau and currently operates two flight teams out of this location.
During the fall of 2014 Guardian Flight opened a new 57,000 square foot, state of the art headquarters and hangar in Anchorage. This corporate office contains administrative offices and is the maintenance hub for all of Alaska.
In 2018 a base was opened in Deadhorse to serve the North Slope region.



Guardian Flight’s Mission is to provide safe, compassionate, and efficient air medical transportation.